Wellbeing and Longevity Services

Our range of services is currently expanding, and includes now or in the near future:

Risk assessment

Understand your risk of developing certain diseases so you can be proactive and try to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence. These include coronary artery disease, cancer, and dementia.

Lifestyle advice

Tailored to your assessment and goals. We will help you develop an achievable strategy and motivate you to stick with it.

Nutrition and dietary guidance

Rather than offering simply a program to lose weight in the short term, we will give you constructive assistance to reduce your weight in the long-term. There have been many advances in our understanding of human metabolism and nutrition, and we will share these with you in an understandable and readily applicable way.

Physical fitness

Precision Life offers high quality and enjoyable personal training, exercise physiology, and group classes to make you stronger, fitter, and more energetic.

Sleep service

Poor sleep is very common, and this can be a both a cause and a symptom of other conditions. We use advanced diagnostic tools to help you to work out what the problem is and try to fix it.

Memory clinic

There are a range of measures you can take to improve your memory. Our neurologists, neuropsychologists and other specialists are here to help with this.

Stress reduction.

We teach you a variety of strategies to reduce stress and live life in a more relaxed state.

Interpersonal effectiveness

Our highly trained psychologists can equip you with advanced skills which allow you to interact with others socially and at work in a more harmonious and effective manner.